Happy Saturday! This past week has been scorching, with no rain for relief, but it has not kept me from getting back into the swing of training. I ran twice, swam three times, and biked twice. I’d say that is a pretty good workout week!

This morning I got to go on a great group ride with my riding buddies and a couple other friends. It was my longest ride ever at 40 miles! Other than some numbness in my toes and my lower back starting to tighten up, I was still feeling pretty good at the end. We rode from Charles City Courthouse down to Jamestown and back on the Capital Trail. I thought about having to  bike another 16 miles, then getting off to run a half marathon like you would in a half iron race, and it seemed possible. I am definitely not at that level yet, but I think I can get there with another year of training. I am so thankful to have good friends who enjoy riding so much, it really helps get me excited and motivated about spending 3 solid hours on a bike. Great way to start off an early Saturday morning!

Our turnaround point at Jamestown, as evidenced by the general sweatiness of the group! 

Then this afternoon I got to spend some time with my brother-in-law’s family celebrating my nephew’s 1st birthday. It was nice and low key, and my sister made some great ribs, corn bread, and green beans. Perfect post-ride meal! My nephew had a blast opening his presents, mostly because of the tissue paper wrapping, but he wasn’t so thrilled about his birthday cake. He didn’t like the taste of it, and he cried when we tried to get him to try some. Not a fan!

Even though it said “Smash Me” on the side, Sawyer did minimal damage to the cake, and it was mostly with his feet!

And on a final, totally random note, I got new laces for my running shoes. I am trying out the Lock Laces that you don’t have to tie. So far, they are awesome! They were very easy to thread, and they are really comfortable so far. Plus, it will definitely save time in transition instead of having to tie and double knot my shoes (yeah, that takes forever with wet sticky feet!). I have run with them once, and I think the laces are going to work great. A good cheap way (only $7.99 on Amazon) to save time in a race and in my everyday training.

So far, so good. 

And on that note, I am off to bed. Tomorrow, I am sleeping in and taking a rest day, other than a quick core session. And in the morning, I’m making waffles! Have a great Sunday!