As I am still in the early stages of getting into the world of triathlons, and considering that I am a research junkie, I am currently in the addictive phase of my endurance sport journey. I try not to go overboard and drive my family insane by talking about it too much (you know who you are, and thank you for putting up with me!!!). I am really enjoying this phase and taking the opportunity to learn as much as possible, and I have found two great resources that are helping me do just that, a podcast and a YouTube vlogger.

The podcast is called Crushing Iron, and it is a twice-weekly conversation between 2 guys living in Nashville, TN. Mike Tarrolly is a long-time triathlon addict and Robbie Bruce is a triathlete and coach. They have over 75 podcasts and have covered great topics like race previews, nutrition, bike pacing, and how to not suck at swimming (one of my favorites!). What I really like is that they seem like two very normal people, they aren’t professional triathletes, and their main driver is how to incorporate triathlon into a healthy, happy, long-term lifestyle instead of a flash-in-the-pan crazy ride that burns you out. I am a huge supporter of that approach! I will never be the fastest, coolest, or have the newest high tech gear, but if I have fun and enjoy the process, then I will feel like I am winning every time I race.

crushing iron

The second source of inspiration that I found is a vlogger on YouTube called Triathlon Taren. First off, he is Canadian, so his accent makes his videos that much better! I really like the video format, so he can demonstrate things, plus it is just nice to see his face when he is talking. He covers great topics that are a little more geared toward the beginner in the sport, like how to select swim goggles, what to pack in your workout bag, basics of how to bike in a group ride, and so much more. He has tons of videos, so a good binge watch of his stuff would keep you going for hours!

triathlon taren
Taren is pretty goofy, which makes his videos so much more personable. 


Both of these great sources of inspiration keep repeating two main takeaways, and I think they are worth mentioning here.

  • It’s all about consistency. Your workouts don’t always have to be fancy, and they don’t have to be super hard core speedy fast. You don’t have to have the latest most expensive gear, all the gadgets and gizmos that might shave off a few seconds. What matters is that you get out there day in and day out, stick to your training plan, and get in the laps and miles. That consistency is what will get you race ready every time.
  • It’s not about how fast you are, it’s about how little you slow down. This is especially encouraging because I am not very fast at all! In shorter sprint races, I don’t think this applies as much because you are basically at an all-out sprint the whole time. But in the longer half-iron and full distance triathlons, probably the most important skill is patience. Being able to slow yourself down and having patience on the swim and bike, and even the first half of the run, is really hard. But that approach allows you to achieve that ultimate prize in races, the negative split. You want to have the juice at the end of the race to really put the hammer down and pass all those folks who blew their legs on the bike by going out too fast.

So check out both of these great resources if you are looking for some great triathlon inspiration. They also both have coaching options and training plans available, and Crushing Iron is starting to expand to tri camps and swim stroke analysis. I am off to listen to a Crushing Iron podcast now, they just posted a new one this morning!

Have a great week, and stay cool out there!