Run Louie Run!

A journey into the sport of triathlons


Hello! My name is Angela, but my nickname has been Louie since I was a baby. I love running, and although I am not very fast, I truly enjoy using my two feet to explore my city, get exercise, and enjoy some “me time.” I have participated in half and full marathons, and some day I would love to finish an Ironman Race. I am new to the sport of triathlons, but I have been an “athlete” all my life. Not a traditional athlete, but a professional ballet dancer. Ballet is an incredibly rewarding, beautiful, and difficult life, and when I retired from dancing I¬†latched onto running to try and keep my body in shape. Nothing will ever compare to the exhilaration of performing on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people, but running provides a different type of freedom and unique connection to the world around me.

I am hoping to shift from only running to triathlons in 2017, and I hope you will join me on this great journey!